Welcome to the Prep.Sweat.Slay 30 Day Challenge with Gauge Girl Training!

This program was designed to sharpen your meal prep techniques, minimize your gym time, and provide you with a regime that you can realistically manage for those who are crunched for time. This program is unique because the time required to execute every meal prep and workout was pre-calculated for you. You no longer need to figure out tedious grocery lists as we figured it out for you. It’s not necessary to track every single food you need to eat  into a macro counting app because it was already calculated out for you. You do not need to experience boring, bland, flavorless foods because we built in dozens of amazing recipes from French toast bakes, protein pudding, Filipino chicken adobo, teriyaki chicken recipes and much more! This program features the following:

PREP Nutrition Plan

No Meal Prep Takes LONGER than 30 minutes!
30 Day Meal Plan (Broken down into 2 x 15 day phases)

16 Total Menus:

14 Menus to be prepared 2 days at a time / 2 Travel Friendly BONUS Menus for each phase / Meal Prep Guides for EVERY Menu / Detailed step by step instructions for how to carry out an entire meal prep / Timed cooking and staging calculated for you / Meal prep pointers for every meal / This or That Substitution Guide / Grocery Lists (includes pre-calculated quantities) and Bonus Recipes!

SWEAT Home Workout Plan

No Workout Takes LONGER than 30 minutes!

At Gauge Girl Training we believe in realistic and sustainable approaches to nutrition and health. We understand that you want to make your health a priority and need a plan that will not take away hours from your life. This program is ideal for people who need convenient family friendly meal preps, don’t have a gym memberships or home gyms and have limited time to workout.

Which Guide is Right For Me?

This program was broken down into 2 BMI ranges to ensure you are getting adequate nutrition based on your current height and weight. There is an Original Plan and a Vegan Plan available for those in these two BMI* ranges: 18-24 and 25-33. (*If your BMI is less than 18 or over 33, it is recommended that you follow a custom meal plan to account for your specialized needs.)

Look at this chart below to determine which range you fall into:

Choose your PREP Nutrition Plan below