How does it work?

Purchase a 30 Day Lean Gains Program just for your body type and get your choice of our 12 Week Training Ecto, Endo or Mesomorph Program AND receive a copy of the NEW Gauge Girl Training Booty Building Guide for FREE!

What do I get?

Your body type serves as a key factor in determining the best approach to your nutritional needs. For the first time we’ve created a DIY meal plan to help you reach your goals based off your body type. You don’t have to be in a caloric deficit your entire life. A caloric surplus is needed to build muscle mass and strength gains. We’ve created this easy to follow meal plan to give you the energy you need from real whole foods. This guide is a 42 day meal plan featuring 21 menus. Each menu should be prepped for 2 days at a time. For best results with this meal plan we recommend pairing this plan with your corresponding body type training plan.

It also includes the NEW Booty Building Guide

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